Take the challenge to end water waste

9th September 2020 | Eativity editors

The impact of drought is not yet over for rural Australia, with many communities still living with limited access to water. Helping to ensure affected communities are not forgotten and continue receiving support, Finish has reignited its #FinishWaterWaste initiative.

#FinishWaterWaste came from the insight that by simply stopping the habit of pre-rinsing dishes before stacking them in the dishwasher, Australians could save up to 40 litres of water per load and collectively save 20 billion litres of water in just one year.

Aussies were encouraged to share a social media post or make an in-store purchase to trigger a donation of 40 litres of water, amounting to 6.8 million litres delivered to rural Australians in 2019. This year, Coles has committed to support #FinishWaterWaste and, together with Rural Aid, Finish has vowed to deliver 10 million litres of water. 

For every in-store purchase of Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro at Coles during the promotional period between September 2 and October 27, 40 litres of water will be donated to Rural Aid to distribute to drought-affected farmers.

Rainfall has brought some reprieve, but many rural communities are still impacted by drought.

#FinishWaterWaste is also launching the “40 Litre Challenge” to further increase water donations, with Aussies challenged to live on 40 litres of water a day and share their experiences on social media, tagging #FinishWaterWaste. Every hashtag shared during the initiative will trigger a 40-litre donation of water to a rural community.

The campaign comes as rural Australians are sometimes instructed to limit their water use to less than 50 litres per day, in contrast to the average Aussie who uses 340 litres a day.

“This spring, I’m asking fellow Aussies to join me in the 40 Litre Challenge,” says campaign ambassador, comedian and TV and radio presenter Tanya Hennessy.

“It’s a small commitment that only takes a day, but is an important experience. I was shocked when I realised just how much water I unknowingly use. So, for anyone in cities around the country, take the opportunity to help a farmer and #FinishWaterWaste!”

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Many farmers and communities have already received much-needed water deliveries through #FinishWaterWaste. However, this new commitment aims to help many more on their road to drought recovery and a more water secure future. 

“Rainfall brought reprieve to many rural communities throughout NSW and Queensland earlier this year, however, more is needed to allow our farmers to recover longer term from the devastating impacts of this ongoing drought,” says Rural Aid CEO, John Warlters.

“It’s incredibly important that we continue to be water-wise and show support for our farmers. Participating in the #FinishWaterWaste initiative is an easy way to make a real difference. Water is liquid gold to farmers – it’s one of the best gifts we can give them.” 

“Water is liquid gold to farmers”: help make a difference by wasting less.

How to get involved:

1. Live on 40 litres of water for one day and share a post of your experience on social media by tagging #FinishWaterWaste. Every hashtag shared via social media during the initiative will trigger a 40-litre donation of water to a rural community.
2. Promise to stop pre-rinsing and share a post on your experience on social media by tagging #FinishWaterWaste. Every hashtag shared via social media during the initiative will trigger a 40-litre donation of water to a rural community.
3. Purchase Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro at Coles. Every purchase in the promotional period will trigger a 40-litre donation of water to a rural community.

Becoming more aware of how much water you use can help you to cut down.

40 Litre Challenge – track your water usage:

• A 1-minute shower with a water efficient shower head uses 6-9 litres
• A half-flush using a dual-flush toilet uses 3.5-5 litres
• Washing hands for 20 seconds uses 5-6 litres
• Brushing teeth morning and night (without a running tap) uses 1-2 litres
• Washing dishes in a 6-star dishwasher uses 9.5 litres
• Drinking 8-10 glasses of water uses 2-2.5 litres
• Rinsing fruit and vegetables in a bowl uses 1-2 litres
• Re-filling pets’ water bowls uses 3-4 litres

A dishwasher doesn’t just make life easier, it also saves water compared to regular washing up.

Ways to save water:

• Running your kitchen tap until the water warms up? Don’t let it run down the drain! Instead, catch it in a bowl and use it to wash your fruit/vegetables before eating.
• Save leftover water from cooking pasta or steaming foods. It’s the perfect base for tasty and nutritious soups, stir-fries and sauces.
• Still have water from yesterday left over in your favourite drink bottle? Before you refill, use the remaining water on your plants or garden
• A dishwasher uses just 12 litres per full load, saving more than 100 litres per day when compared to hand-washing dishes in the sink.
• Low flow taps fitted with flow-controlled aerators use 8 litres of water or less per minute, saving as much as 300,000 litres per household per year.
• An efficient dual flush toilet saves 35,000 litres per household each year.
• An efficient modern shower head saves 20,000 litres per person per year.
• Switching from a top loader to a front loader washing machine saves up to 70% water, saving around 36,000 litres of water per household each year.

You can find out more about the 40 Litre Challenge and how to #FinishWaterWaste at finishwaterwaste.com.au. You can also check out the below video which shows what we can all do to help save water in Australia.