Vegepod: making gardening easy

1st September 2020 | Alison Turner

While nothing quite beats the thrill of enjoying fresh, seasonal produce that you’ve planted, tended and harvested with your own two hands, not everyone has a huge backyard to dig around in. With more of us now living in smaller inner-city blocks and apartments, this has led to a rise in space-saving gardening options that can grow food pretty much anywhere. But which to choose? Enter Vegepod. It’s a self-watering, portable raised wicking garden bed that will awaken even the most reluctant green thumbs.

“Vegepod has taken all of the ‘pain points’ out of gardening,” says Simon Holloway, sales and marketing director of Vegepod Global. “At the top, we have a fine mesh canopy. This keeps out pests large and small, harsh elements and weeds.”

The Vegepod comes in three sizes, to suit gardens and balconies of all kinds.

No weeds, no pests, no digging

While the canopy keeps all the bad stuff out, it keeps all the good things in – light, air and water. The canopy basically creates a perfect little microclimate for your plants. At the base of each pod, there’s also a reservoir of water below the soil level.

“This is what they call a wicking bed,” Holloway says. “As the soil dries out from above, it naturally draws the water up in what’s known as a wicking process.”

Each pod also has overflow holes. These ensure the soil isn’t flooded in case of heavy rain or accidental overwatering. And as each pod is perfectly contained, the soil you put in there is the soil that you keep.

“It’s a no-dig garden,” Holloway says. “You just have to get some premium potting mix, put it in our contained garden, and you’ve got a perfect vegie patch ready to go.”

There’s no need for chemicals, and even the greenest of green thumbs can dig in.

Pain-free planting

Because Vegepod is raised off the ground, there’s also no need for kneeling or bending, which makes the product ideal for older people or those with limited mobility.

The business is also shortly to launch the Vegebag, which won the coveted title of 2020 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden Product of the Year.

“Basically, it’s bringing the Vegepod’s mesh and self-watering wicking cell into a grow-bag situation,” Holloway says. “At a lower price point than the Vegepod, it will give more people an opportunity to give pain-free gardening a go.”

To find out more about Vegepod, head to the website. You can also join the Vegepod growers’ group on Facebook to share tips, tricks and gardening advice.