Tea Tonic: tea with a twist of wellness

19th June 2021 | Moira Geddes
Tea Tonic

Tea Tonic founder Lisa Hilbert introduces us to her range of unprocessed organic teas, which come with a uniquely colourful and health-focused twist of difference.

While many consider tea to be the most English of drinks, its origin dates back to 3000BC in China. One commonly cited myth is that a Chinese emperor was chilling out under a tree while his servant boiled some drinking water for him. A gust of wind comes along and blows some leaves from the tree into the water, and bingo! Tea is discovered. The Chinese have embraced tea ever since. Many centuries later it made its way into European life before finding its modern-day home in Britain. The Poms are now one of the world’s biggest tea consumers; they brought their taste for tea with them when they colonised Australia.

Traditionally, tea was brewed in a pot with loose leaves. That was until the teabag was accidentally introduced in 1908 by US tea and coffee importer Thomas Sullivan. Fast-forward a century, and tea has evolved from humble beginnings into a vast array of flavours, styles and brewing techniques. All of which offer tea-drinkers an abundance of choices.

Blends with benefits

Naturopath and herbalist Lisa Hilbert is the founder of Tea Tonic, Australia’s healthiest tea range, and she’s absolutely nailing the modern tea movement. More than 20 years ago, and ahead of the game, Hilbert decided to start blending tea with organic plants and herbs that offered health benefits in an effort to help boost people’s wellbeing.

Following the success of her first tea tonic which aided complexion, Hilbert quickly expanded her range. Tea Tonic now produces a tea with turmeric, beetroot and ginger to help recover, repair and restore; a tea for singers and performers to soothe sore throats; even a tea that helps you to beat a coffee addiction. In addition to Hilbert’s specially-formulated tea tonics, she also offers all of the traditional tea blends as well as popular herbal teas and the coolest teacups, pots, bags and bottles to brew it in.

In the video below, we catch up with Hilbert to learn about a world of tea that now comes with a twist of wellness instead of a twist of lemon. For more on Tea Tonic, click here.