The best vegan pies for Australia Day

26th January 2021 | Eativity editors
best vegan pies

“Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars”. The famous jingle that celebrates Aussie icons might be a well-known classic, but it’s showing its age. Along with the closure of Holden manufacturing Down Under, the iconic meat pie is also undergoing a transformation. But luckily, this one doesn’t involve the loss of any Australian jobs. Instead, it’s taking the pie we all love and giving it a much kinder spin. A vegan spin, to be exact. Because Australia Day falls during Veganuary – during which millions of people around the world eschew meat, eggs and dairy for ethical, health and environmental reasons – the ever-helpful vegans at PETA have rounded up some of the best vegan pies money can buy.

best vegan pies: Four'N Twenty

Four’N Twenty Plant Based Meat Free Pie

One of Australia’s most iconic pastry brands has joined the plant-based party with a meaty, gravy-laden offering wrapped in its famous flaky golden pastry to delight even the most voracious beef-lover. Available in supermarket frozen sections as well as Caltex Star Marts, it’s easy as, well, pie to get your hands on one.

best vegan pies: Funky Pies

Funky Pies

This all-vegan Bondi-based pastry paradise is a Sydney institution. It serves up its animal-free goodies with mushy peas and gravy at its cafe, as well as offering online ordering so you can stock your freezer with its delicious pies. Traditionalists will love the Funky Chunky Pie, or give the Nepalese Lamb-Style Curry Pie a go.

best vegan pies: Pie Face

Pie Face

Pie Face has been giving the public what it wants – pies, pies and more pies – for almost 20 years. It recently added vegan offerings to meet growing demand. Grab its Vegan Mexi Pie, Vegan Spag Bol Pie or popular Vegan Cheeseburger Pie. They’re all ideal for when you can’t decide which fast-food mood you’re in.

Ferguson Plarre Plant-Based Aussie Pie

Ferguson Plarre Plant-Based Aussie Pie

Attention Melbournians! Family-owned heritage bakery chain Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses has a vegan pie that’s to die for – except no one did. Die, that is. Made using the traditional methods that have made its products popular throughout Victoria, the vegan options on offer are a labour of love. The result is a home-style pastry that’s simply delightful.

7-Eleven No Beef Pie

7-Eleven No Beef Pie

Out and about when your Aussie pie craving hits? 7-Eleven – which has 700 outlets nationwide – has you covered. Even the most ardent meat-lover will have no beef with its vegan offering. It envelopes juicy plant-based meat in perfect pastry. Add a Slurpee in one of 7-Eleven’s new reusable bottles to really put the green in “green and gold”.

Best vegan pies

Whichever beefy, juicy, flaky little pocket of goodness you go for, one thing’s for sure: the iconic meat pie’s plant-based glow-up is proof that vegan eats are here to stay. And if these pie-deas have whet your appetite but you want to take your pastryotism one step further and make your own Aussie vegan meat pie, check out this recipe. It combines Fable Food Co’s Braised Plant-Based Beef (available from Woolworths) with legendary pantry staple Vegemite (yes, Vegemite) to create a vegan flavour sensation that everyone will love.

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