The goods: add a little flavour and flair

9th October 2020 | Eativity editors

Packing more punch into your meals is never a bad thing, and a touch of spice is always nice. This week we bring you a tasty, all-natural way to spruce up your vegies in the kitchen and bring the heat with a chocolate treat. We’ve also got a new range that’ll take you to some of the world’s best coffee regions, plus we introduce a sustainable and healthy Aussie-made butter alternative that will soon be taking the world by storm.

Spice up your five serves a day

We’re all trying to get more vegetables into our diet, and plant-based diets are definitely on the rise, but sometimes it can be hard to find the inspiration needed to add a spark of pizzazz to your regular veg repertoire. Enter Table of Plenty Veggie Roasters, a simple flourish that will make vegetables delicious every time.

There are two flavours in the range – Golden Moroccan and Classic Paprika – both of which have been thoughtfully created to easily add taste and texture to a plethora of vegetable dishes. Veggie Roasters can be used to roast cauliflower, add depth of flavour to a Spanish omelette or put some extra zing into your casseroles and vegetable bakes.

Veggie Roasters come in individual serves of 25 grams and are made from all-natural ingredients with no bulkers or fillers. They’re your new vegan-friendly pantry staple.

For more information on products and to find Table of Plenty stockists, visit or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Qld dairy-free butter business set to go global

Sunshine Coast business Phyto is looking to spread the plant-based love through its dairy-free natural butter, with a plan to show the world that real food alternatives don’t have to come with a compromise on taste or your health.

Phyto Plant Butter has created a new class of butter replacement by using real foods including cold-pressed organic coconut and sunflower oils and organic carrots, while avoiding nasties such as canola, rapeseed and palm oils.

Founded and developed by Sunshine Coast locals Ashley Jubinville (the Kitchen Coach) and Matt Weller, Phyto was created from Jubinville’s home kitchen and is currently sold in 10 Queensland independent retailers. But it’s now looking at its potential for global expansion as Jubinville joins the FLAIR Incubator program.

The FLAIR Incubator, which is led by a number of international entrepreneurs (including Ian Mason, who was part of Sir Richard Branson’s not-for-profit Virgin StartUp), works with selected female-led businesses over a four-month period and provides them with the skills and knowledge needed to grow their business on a global scale. Watch this space.

To find out more about Phyto, head to

Hot stuff coming through

While summer is still a month or two away, Arnott’s has decided to bring the heat early with its new Dark Choc Chilli Tim Tam biscuit. It’s available in stores from this week, but only for a short time. The limited-edition release pairs two dark choc biscuits, sandwiched together with a rich chocolate and chilli-flavoured cream, covered in classic Tim Tam dark chocolate.

You’ll find the newest addition to the Tim Tam range at Woolworths nationally.

Nescafé launches new premium coffee capsules

Australians love their coffee, and continue to embrace the many new coffee offerings that are brightening up mornings everywhere. Home-brewers can now discover the tastes of some of the world’s best coffee-growing regions with Nescafé Farmers Origins, a new coffee capsule range made with high-quality beans and designed for Nespresso machines.

From a ristretto blend sourced from the birthplace of coffee – Ethiopia and Uganda – to an espresso produced in the Southern Highlands of India, each coffee offers a distinct flavour profile and origin story. Nescafé Farmers Origins coffee beans are sustainably sourced from farming communities in some of the world’s finest coffee-growing countries. A scannable QR code on the pack even tells the story behind the bean.

The Nescafé Farmers Origins range is now exclusively available in-store and online at Coles.