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14th May 2021 | Eativity editors

Oat milk is having its moment. In the United States, oat milk has overtaken almond milk as the fastest-growing plant-based milk alternative. Globally, the product is so popular, overwhelming consumer demand has led to numerous oat milk shortages in the US and Europe. First world problems, anyone? Here in Australia, the category is still growing, but an increasing number of oat milk products are now becoming available. We’ve shared two of the latest offerings below. And hot damn, if they don’t go great in a coffee.

Also making their debut in supermarkets across the country are a number of products that’ll make dinnertime easier for Aussies everywhere – whether you like something with a bit of kick, or prefer to stick to the classics. And for a final flourish, there’s a new range of finishing sauces to add just the right amount of “oooh, yeah” to your meat dishes.

The ideal plant-based coffee blend

Baristas are t-oat-ally in love with oat milk, as its mild flavour complements coffee without overpowering it. Oat milk also thickens when heated, making your pre-work latte creamier. Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend is already served in more than 2000 cafes across Australia, and it’s now available at Woolies and independent retailers for you to use at home.

Califia’s Oat Barista Blend is made from wholegrain rolled oats and is completely unsweetened, with no added sugar, gums, dairy or soy. Crafted by baristas for baristas, it foams beautifully, it’s creamy and its neutral taste profile perfectly balances with coffee.

For more info, recipes and plant-based inspiration head to

Om nom NOM

But what if you combined the creaminess of oat milk with the delicious flavour of nut milk? A creative new plant milk offering is NOM (nutty oat milk), from the Australian-owned and family-run company, PUREHARVEST. The NOM range is made from a blend of nuts and oats, with three options to choose from: Macadamia Dream, Nut Bliss and Lush Almond.

NOM milk contains only whole, organic and natural ingredients to make drinks taste great and drinkers feel good. The milks are perfect for frothing and creating coffee at home or for making smoothies and porridge, and can be used in many sweet and savoury vegan dishes.

PUREHARVEST’s NOM range is free from powders, added sugars, artificial chemicals, flavours, emulsifiers and preservatives. You can find it at Woolworths and select independent retailers and health food stores nationwide.

To find your closest NOM stockist or to find out more, head to

An authentic shot of spiced Indian flavour

The Spice Tailor, created by award-winning cookery book writer, TV presenter and chef Anjum Anand, has just launched its new range of authentic, all-natural Indian curry pastes.

A fantastic spice paste is the foundation for all great curries, but also for fusion dishes with a spiced twist, so you can exercise your creative kitchen flair.

The pastes are made with the freshest spices and ingredients, expertly blended. Nothing else is added: no preservatives, artificial colours, fillers or acids that interfere with flavours. They’re also plant-based, so are great for vegetarians. There are four pastes in the current range (with another two to come): Malabar, Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken and Korma.

The Spice Tailor’s Indian curry pastes are available in Coles stores nationwide. For more punchy meal inspiration, head to

Do things your way

For more Aussie-style family meals, Maggi has launched a new recipe base range that will help those wanting to shift towards flexitarianism. The new Your Meal Your Way Recipe Bases will allow families with varied meal preferences to eat dinner together, their way.

Made from natural ingredients with a blend of herbs and spices, the range of bases includes classic family faves like cottage pie and spaghetti bolognese, and dishes with familiar flavours like chow mein and chilli con carne. Each recipe base serves a family of four and can help bring a flexitarian twist to dinner – you can cook them with meat, vegies or both.

Find the Your Meal Your Way Recipe Base range at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets. Packs are recyclable via REDcycle bins in participating supermarkets.

It’s all gravy, baby

A newly-launched range of premium finishing sauces has been released to switch up the gravy category, focusing on simple ingredients. Bare Bones’ gravies, sauces and jus, which – as the name suggests – are stripped bare of any artificial colours or flavours, contain only ingredients that are easy to recognise, often found in the pantries of everyday Aussies.

The range features indulgent ingredients like truffle, black garlic and wine to complement aromatic herbs and rich glace, so you can add just the right finishing touch to any meal.

The Bare Bones range is available in four flavours: Classic Gravy with Black Garlic, Red Wine Jus with Rosemary and Thyme, Free-Range Chicken Gravy with White Wine, and Mushroom Sauce with Truffle. It’s now available nationwide at Woolworths and independent retailers.

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