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13th November 2020 | Eativity editors

Before the endless indulgences of the festive season kick in, now is probably a good time to embrace some of the healthier things in life. While nothing could ever go past fresh fruit and vegies as the best that your body can get, an increasing number of packaged foods are popping up that are actually pretty darn good for you, as well as being wholly enjoyable to dig into. From balls, berries and burgers to a traditional Asian-style breakfast, this week we bring you some enticing new products that will help you feel both happy and healthy.

Great balls of goodness… it’s Food for Health!

Introducing Food for Health’s Probiotic Brekkie Balls, a convenient and satisfying breakfast option that’s also good for you. As well as containing probiotics for gut health, the 40g balls also contain significantly less sugar than other snack balls on the market.

The secret to the snack balls’ guilt-free status is the absence of dates, which many other snack balls contain and which are high in sugar. Instead. the Brekkie Balls use Aussie-grown oats as the base ingredient. As a result, each ball contains less than five grams of sugar.

Food for Health Probiotic Brekkie Balls come in three flavours: Mango & Coconut; Cinnamon, Vanilla & Maple; and Blueberry & Vanilla. All three flavours are vegan, and both Mango & Coconut and Cinnamon, Vanilla & Maple are FODMAP-friendly.

For more info and to find Food for Health stockists, head to

A healthy breakfast that’s ready in just 3 minutes

While brekkie balls are a sweet way to kick off your morning, savoury-loving fast-breakers who are looking for an alternative to eggs or Vegemite on toast might want to try a breakfast dish that many East Asian countries have long enjoyed – congee.

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods has released Mr Lee’s Congee in Original and Chicken varieties. The quick and convenient versions of the traditional savoury rice porridge are low in sugar, low in fat and made with absolutely no nasties.

Available in single flavour packs of 8 cups or mixed boxes of 4 chicken and 4 original congees, both varieties are ready in just three minutes and are made with authentic Asian-style flavours, natural ingredients and a unique blend of four styles of grains.

Mr Lee’s instant rice porridges are packed in Australia and available to buy online from the website, Amazon and at Harris Farms Market stores in Sydney.

No small fry here: Big Fry Burger launches nationwide

The Fry Family Food Co. has released its latest vegan innovation, The Big Fry Burger – a 100% plant-based burger with 20g protein that looks, sizzles and tastes just like a minced beef burger. The burger is made up of a blend of non-GM plant proteins and is flavoured with coriander seeds, paprika, coriander, white pepper, black pepper, parsley and turmeric.

The burger took the company three years to develop, and the end result is a patty that cooks and tastes just like a beef burger. The Big Fry Burger literally sizzles on the grill and will satisfy any meat cravings while being better for you, for animals and for the planet.

The Big Fry Burger has launched in 466 Coles nationwide. For more information on all of Fry’s plant-based meat alternatives, head to

Go wild on flavour, not sugar, this summer with Remedy

Everybody chill! Remedy has dropped Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry just in time to celebrate the best of everything summer has to offer. Bursting with strawberry, blackberry and blueberry goodness, this sun-ripened blend is sweet, jammy and beautifully aromatic.

Like all Remedy drinks, Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry contains no sugar, naturally, which is why it’s the only kombucha brand to be given an official tick of recommendation from I Quit Sugar. It’s also so sweetly refreshing and delicious, Remedy is calling it the ”gateway drink for non-kombucha drinkers”.

Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry is available online at or in the chiller at your local Woolworths or independent grocer.

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