Top-quality hyperlocal food to your door

3rd July 2021 | Moira Geddes

Organic farmer and chef David Allison is getting creative with the food he produces for his bustling Marrickville farm-to-table cafe and catering business, Stix. Now, hungry house-bound Sydneysiders stuck in lockdown who normally wouldn’t have access to Stix’s high-quality offerings can get Stix ready-made, restaurant-quality meals made from locally-grown and fully certified organic produce delivered straight to their homes.

For more than 20 years, fine diners have been able to indulge in Stix’s organic produce and bespoke menus aboard first-class Qantas flights, in busy boardrooms at the top end of town and in Sydney’s finest restaurants. This was all well and good for the one percenters, but for the rest of us, it just wasn’t a reality. However, in this new and altered world that sees consumers and businesses constantly in and out of lockdown, Allison has decided to expand his offering, working with his team to produce a range of affordable, ready-made, snap-frozen, COVID-safe meals that get delivered right to your door.

Stix organic ratatouille with potato gnocchi is our favourite here at Eativity.

To ensure his meals are delivered with all the care they deserve, Allison has teamed up with online marketplace ChefPrep. The service delivers top restaurant-made meals all across Sydney metro, the NSW Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains.

The digital platform, created by partners Elle Curran and Josh Abulafia, offers meals from Sydney restaurants such as I Maccheroni, Huxton’s at Bronte and Delhi ‘O’ Delhi. Given the shift in the way people now order and consume food, Allison says ChefPrep is the perfect solution for his business. It allows him to spread the word about his sustainable food philosophy and the value of knowing the provenance of your food while also offsetting the impact that COVID restrictions and lockdowns have had on his cafe.

In the video below Eativity sat down with Allison to hear his story, explore the mindset behind the growing local food movement and discuss how we’re connecting with our food differently in a COVID-19 world.

This content was published by Eativity in partnership with ChefPrep. To find out more about the restaurants and meals available for delivery, head to