Try for 5 this National Nutrition Week

12th October 2020 | Eativity editors

This time of year, when delicious spring and summer fruits are in abundance, it’s easy to eat the recommended two serves of fruit a day. But what about your daily vegies? This National Nutrition Week (October 11-17), Nutrition Australia wants to remind all Aussies of the importance of getting more fresh vegies into their daily diet.

Currently, just seven percent of Australian adults and only five percent of Aussie children meet the recommended guidelines for five serves of vegetables every day. In fact, the average Australian is eating only half as many vegetables as they should.

Try for 5 is an annual campaign powered by Nutrition Australia that encourages Australians to increase their vegetable consumption to the recommended five serves per day. The campaign launches each October during National Nutrition Week, where awareness is raised around the role of food on our health.

This year, Nutrition Australia will be holding a special “For the Love of Veg” webinar in which Nutrition Australia Dietitian, Leanne Elliston, will share her tips and strategies for helping children develop a life-long love of vegetables. The 30-minute webinar is perfect for parents and carers of children under 5 years, and will be held on Friday, October 16 at 12pm. You can book your spot here.

The foods you eat (and the foods you waste) can all have an impact on the planet.

My plate, my planet

Also spreading the love of veg this National Nutrition Week is Nutrition Australia NSW, who wants everyone to consider not just how our diet can affect our health, but also the impact that our food choices have on the planet. While we’re not eating enough vegetables, we’re certainly wasting plenty. The largest proportion of food waste – a whopping 33% – comes from fresh produce. But eating sustainably is a lot easier than you might think.

By filling your plate with fresh, seasonal, locally grown vegetables – including native Australian ingredients – you can improve your own wellbeing, help to reduce waste and ensure a healthy food supply for future generations. To give you some inspiration, throughout this year’s National Nutrition Week, Nutrition Australia NSW will be offering virtual My Plate, My Planet events. The events include:

Plate Up For the Planet: this virtual brunch and sustainable foods cook-along features chef Sam May from the National Indigenous Culinary Institute.

Igniting Indigenous Ingredients: this features a virtual tour of Sydney’s Yerrabingin Cultural Landscape Garden and a native foods cooking class with dietitian Tracy Hardy.

Food for the Future: this interactive panel discussion will focus on how we can build a healthy and sustainable food future, from farm to fork.

For more on Try for 5, including recipes and producer profiles, head to For more on Nutrition Australia NSW’s events, head to their website.