Tune in, munch out: new foodie shows

6th November 2020 | Eativity editors

Since options for dining out have been on the decrease of late, it’s certainly no surprise that interest in cooking at home has increased. But even the most passionate cook can’t be messing around in the kitchen all the time, so what’s a foodie to do with their leisure hours? Easy – watch someone else mess around in the kitchen instead. With something suitably delicious on hand to accompany proceedings, obviously.

The popularity of food and cooking programs shows no sign of waning, and while stalwarts like MasterChef and Food Safari will always have a place in our hearts, there are also plenty of new programs to sink your teeth into. We check out a few of the latest offerings to whet your appetite. Now, has anyone seen the remote?

Anderson is a well-regarded cook, farmer, writer, entrepreneur and second-generation restaurateur.

Food to feed your heart and soul

Travel with restaurateur and Byron Bay farmer Palisa Anderson across Australia as she explores her early food memories of Thailand with some of the country’s most respected chefs and much-loved personalities, celebrating what connects us all across cultures and borders, in her debut TV series, Palisa Anderson’s Water Heart Food.

From her Boon Luck farm in Byron’s lush hinterland and its neighbouring salty enclaves to the big smoke of Sydney and its best chefs, restaurants and out-of-town destinations, Anderson shares a very intimate exchange with some of her favourite food industry icons and rising stars in this sumptuous five-part series.

The Thai cultural tenet Anderson grew up being influenced by was the principle of Nahm Jai, which literally means “water from the heart”. The sentiment behind it is a mindfulness for how to live, with generosity, compassion, empathy and awareness. These are the values that propelled Anderson, and her mother Amy before her, into hospitality and today the family runs a string of successful restaurants.

Anderson hangs out with acclaimed chef Peter Gilmore, who whips up a mud crab salad.

While travelling back to Thailand is currently beyond reach, Anderson became curious to meet those in her community who embody the spirit of Nahm Jai and whose unique approach to cooking helps keep alive that hunger for a familiar taste of home.

Water Heart Food will take you on a culinary journey on which you’ll meet with some of our best chefs, who show us their Aussie takes on delicious Asian cuisine, combining traditional cooking methods with the use of local ingredients. Featured guests also share their own food stories and explore where their passion for food came from.

Palisa Anderson’s Water Heart Food premieres on SBS Food on Sunday, November 29 at 7pm. The series will also be available after broadcast on SBS On Demand.

ENJOY was shot in Redman-Lloyd’s apartment above Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

ENJOY with Jerrie-Joy

Former Gourmet Traveller food editor and food and prop stylist Jerrie-Joy Redman-Lloyd has released the first episode of her new fortnightly cooking series, ENJOY with Jerrie-Joy. The launch episode – a recipe for silverbeet and feta gözleme – is available to watch on YouTube now, with the full recipe available online at enjoywithjerriejoy.com.

Redman-Lloyd’s many years spent cooking and styling for some of the world’s biggest food brands have given her an undeniable understanding of provenance, flavour and how to make a meal look just as beautiful as it tastes.

“The pandemic has given me time to flex my creative muscles, and this show was really just an excuse to make something great with my mates,” she says. “Whipping up tasty food, spotlighting Aussie producers, showing off – these are some of my favourite things to do.”

Along with approachable home cooking, viewers can expect editorial-worthy photography and styling. Future recipes will drop fortnightly on a Monday, and include the likes of a signature no-fuss (and no oven) dessert, curry, pupusas and more.

For more info, head to enjoywithjerriejoy.com or follow @jerriejoy on Instagram.

MasterChef contestants never get old, they just get hosting gigs.

Farm to Fork returns to Ten

You can explore Australia’s best produce, meet the people who produce it and learn how to make the most of your fresh Aussie produce with season 2 of Farm to Fork.

The food and cooking show, which will return to Network 10 Monday, November 16, will be hosted by MasterChef alumni Sarah Todd, Courtney Roulston and Michael Weldon.

Farm to Fork aims to help inform Australians about how to eat and live well; to inspire people not only to cook great food at home but also to understand more about how the produce they’re cooking with has made its way from farms across Australia to their table. The program shares the stories of Australian farmers, highlighting the hard work, love and attention they put in to feeding the country every day.

In addition to the TV show, Farm to Fork will also extend into digital and social media through Facebook and Instagram.