Vegemite on lookout for jingle singers

25th August 2020 | Eativity editors

“We’re happy little Vegemites, as bright as bright can be…” They’re the lyrics that first graced Australian airwaves in 1954. Now, in a time when we probably need to be reminded more than ever of the brighter side of life, Vegemite is calling on Australians young and old to cover its iconic “Happy Little Vegemites” jingle.

Vegemite has ventured into the archives, releasing the original sheet music and lyrics for its famous jingle. And one lucky Australian will have the opportunity to have their winning rendition of “Happy Little Vegemites” aired on radio, nationally.

The original, and still the best. Or can you do better?

“We know that Vegemite tastes like Australia, but it’s now time that we find out what Australia sounds like,” says Matt Gray, Head of Marketing, Bega Foods. “We’re inviting everyone to cover our iconic ‘Happy Little Vegemites’ jingle, to go into the running to have their version of this song air nationally on radio. We hope that a new updated version of this song spreads a little happiness at a time when many of us need a smile. Vegemite is uniquely Australian, and we want to hear some distinctive voices bring our jingle to life.”

Vegemite wants to hear all types of styles from all types of people, from folk to heavy metal; from school kids to professionals. Vegemite has even joined forces with Australian musicians G Flip and Banoffee to kick things off with their own takes to get you inspired.

Whatever your age or chosen genre, Vegemite wants to hear you sing.

“Vegemite gave me the heads up and told me they were asking for new renditions of their classic tune, so I took my toast down to my studio and made a little G Flip version,” says G Flip. “Anyone can make their own unique cover for a chance to get it played on radio.”

Banoffee adds, “As someone who’s been known to carry Vegemite in my suitcase wherever I go, I was thrilled to be asked to make my own version of the Vegemite jingle. I’ve sung it my whole childhood, so why not now? I’m so excited to hear all the different ways people will redo this iconic tune.”

G Flip in the studio, recording her own version.

How do you enter?

1. Record your rendition of “Happy Little Vegemites” (no longer than 25 seconds).
2. Post your “Mitey Cover” to Instagram with the hashtag #VegemiteMiteyCovers and remember to tag @Vegemite.
3. Make sure your Instagram profile is set to public so Vegemite can see your video

The winning submission will take home $2000, with $500 to be awarded to the runner up. The competition will be live on the Vegemite Instagram from today, ending 11:59pm AEST Sunday, September 13. For full terms and conditions, go to