We care more about food since COVID

20th November 2020 | Eativity editors

Almost one quarter of Australians say that the COVID-19 pandemic has made them more conscious of where their food comes from, according to new research by the National Farmers Federation released today, on National Agriculture Day.

National Farmers’ Federation President and Liverpool Plains farmer Fiona Simson says panic buying and temporary supermarket shortages had caused angst for many Australians.

“It’s logical that Australians have taken a greater interest in the origin of their meat, dairy, eggs, bread, fruit and vegetables,” she says. “Inquiring consumers will have been pleasantly surprised to find that up to 96 percent of the food in supermarkets is grown in Australia.

“Australia is one of the most food secure nations in the world. Every year, we produce up to two thirds more food than we can consume at home.”

Consumers can rest assured that our farmers have our backs.

This increased interest in food provenance was greatest in older Australians, with one in three people over 55 reporting that they now think more about the origins of their food. Women were also more likely to be more conscious of the source of their groceries, at 31 percent, compared to men at 24 percent.

Simson says National Agriculture Day is all about celebrating the plentiful, quality, safe and sustainable food and natural fibres grown right here in Australia, as well as the farmers behind it. Importantly, AgDay is also an opportunity for farmers to have an ongoing conversation with consumers about how and where their food is produced.

“Supply chain disruptions and a return to home cooking have brought Australians back to basics and in effect, closer to farmers,” Simson says.

“A deeper connection between farmers and consumers is essential to the National Farmers’ Federation’s goal for agriculture to be Australia’s most trusted industry by 2030.”