Aussie mangoes: summer’s final drop

10th March 2021 | Eativity editors

Looking for one last taste of summer before autumn sets in? You’re in luck: 100,000 trays of late season mangoes are dropping at fruit and veg retailers nationwide.

Only available from February through to the end of March, late-season varieties including Keitt, Kent and Palmer mangoes are now in store. They may not be as well-known as the earlier season classics like Kensington Pride. However, these sweet beauties will deliver that sweet taste of summer even as the weather starts to cool.

This season, Australians were predicted to consume close to 100 million mangoes. The tropical fruit still reigns supreme as the ultimate “must-have” fruit of the summer. This late-season drop will see around 564,000 tonnes of mangoes hit shelves for a limited time.

Aussie mangoes

John Nardi, General Manager of Favco Farming Pty Ltd, a large mango grower in Far North Queensland, says he’s proud of the quality and care taken by Australian growers that ensure each mango comes to you packed full of nutrients and flavour.

“Late-season varieties pack the same unique taste as their first-off-the tree cousins,” he says. “But they have the added quality of allowing us one final sweet taste of summer that we all know and love as we look towards autumn.

“While we’re particularly proud of their sweet and delicious flavour profile, many people don’t realise that mangoes are also filled with loads of health benefits, making them a mouth-watering and nutritious snack for any time of day. There’s no hiding from the fact that this season has been challenging. But the final harvest of Aussie mangoes should provide some solace for the year ahead.”

Late-season varieties will be available nationwide at your local fresh fruit and vegetable retailer. Below, we’ve shared a taste of your late-season mango flavour profiles.

Keitt mangoes


Boasting a sweetly mild flavour, this medium to large fruit can be devoured at all stages of ripeness. With a pinky-red blush on the skin, the yellowy-orange flesh has a firm texture, making the Keitt the ideal travel companion. 

Kent mango


With a lovely red to purple blush, the Kent is a medium to large fruit – the perfect mango to share. Its sweet taste and medium to firm texture make it a top choice this season.

Palmer mangoes


A standout on the shelf due to its unusual dark red colouring and vibrant flesh, the aroma of this firm and sweet mango will quickly hit the senses.

Brooks mangoes


Known for its pale orange skin with no blush, this medium-sized mango is packed with a sweet flavour and yellow flesh.

Parvin mango


The smooth, fibreless and firm-fleshed fruit is a favourite for a snack. This is thanks to its smaller size and sweet juicy and tangy flavour. It’s easy to spot in supermarkets due to its lovely pearl-flecked skin with a bright orange to red blush.

These late-season varieties will be available to tantalise your taste buds until mid-March, closing out another successful mango season. For recipe ideas on how to make the most of your mangoes, head to the Australian Mangoes website.

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