Aussies embracing food magazines

29th August 2020 | Eativity editors

Although the magazine industry as a whole has had a rough ride of it – especially of late – Australians are continuing to turn the digital and print pages of food magazines. Recent studies have shown that COVID-19 has seen one in three Aussies clocking up extra hours in the kitchen – and the good news is that we’re opting for healthy choices first.

Along with a slew of lockdown projects for the DIY enthusiast or home renovator, we’re also increasingly turning to cooking during the pandemic. More than 7000 people were recently asked about their food habits in a YouGov survey commissioned by Readly – the digital subscription service that allows users access to thousands of magazines.

We’re on the lookout for inspiration in the kitchen.

Almost 40 percent of Australians surveyed said they now cook more than they did pre-COVID. The survey also found that one in three of us was flipping through food magazines at least a few times a month, while just over one in five were using these mags for inspiration.

A recent Roy Morgan survey of print publications indicated that while many magazines have seen a decline in readership over the last 12 months, three food magazine publications had shown growth during the period. Super Food Ideas had presented the highest increase of any of the magazines that the survey referenced, with an increase of 30 percent in comparison to the same time last year.

While other mags have been forced to close, Super Food Ideas has seen a surge in growth.

When Readly delved further into what exactly Australians are searching for as they continue to chew through the food and drink category on the platform, the results showed that as a nation, we’re all about diets and food restrictions. The terms “vegan” and “keto” were the top two searched words, with “Thermomix recipes” and the broader “healthy food” and “meat” rounding out the top five search terms. 

The YouGov survey came back with similar findings when it comes to the factors which influence our food choices. Eight out of 10 Australians surveyed placed significant importance on healthy food when considering what they eat. This percentage was the highest proportion of the five countries surveyed. Beyond this, it appears that more than three quarters of us think that good-tasting food is important and – encouragingly – just under half of us try to buy local produce when we can.

Italian is our favourite cuisine… with good reason.

We’re also a nation willing to try new cuisines, with around 85 percent of us prepared to try something new. When asked about our favourite foods, responses stretched across the board, with the top three choices being Italian, Chinese and Mediterranean.

With many of us not seeing a summer holiday on the cards this year, it’s likely that our obsession with cooking healthy meals at home is likely to continue. 

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