Seafood industry to scale up exports

27th July 2021 | Eativity editors

Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) has received more funding support from the federal government. This time it’s to develop and expand markets for seafood exports. Specifically, the $888,000 grant will help to deliver the industry’s Export Market Strategic Plan.

The plan centres around expanding into new markets, including those with high growth potential. A key part of the plan is examining potential markets such as Asia, the Pacific, Europe and the Americas. There will also be a focus on rock lobster and abalone.

Seafood industry to scale up exports
In the initial months of the pandemic, the value of abalone exports declined by 45%.

Opportunities to grow

Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Jonathon Duniam says that there are huge growth opportunities internationally for Australian seafood.

“By building the Great Australian Seafood brand, we can tell the rest of the world what we already know,” he says. “That Australian seafood is the best in the world. There are swathes of consumers who want to enjoy sustainably caught, clean and green seafood. So this is an opportunity to connect with them.”

Seafood Industry Australia CEO Veronica Papacosta says a key piece of the program will be a “one-stop-shop” for seafood exporters.

“There’s a plethora of information, resources and databases out there for seafood exporters,” she says. “But it can be difficult for producers to keep track of them all. We plan to create a digital platform that curates all resources in one place. This will allow producers to focus on delivering the world’s greatest seafood to all corners of the globe.”

Seafood industry to scale up exports
Most Australian rock lobster was once sent to China. With current trade tensions, new markets are needed.

Brand Australia

Importantly, this funding will support whole of industry, regardless of sector or location.

“It will allow us to immediately put boots on the ground,” Papacosta says. “To quickly deliver much-needed support to the sectors who need it most. Above all, we look forward to developing new market opportunities to promote our Great Australian Seafood brand internationally under the umbrella of brand Australia.”

This financial year, the forecast value of Australian seafood production is $2.94 billion. Meanwhile, the value of Australian seafood exports is forecast to be $1.34 billion.