Want to win a year’s supply of avocados?

30th July 2021 | Eativity editors
win a year’s supply of avocados

From safe de-seeding and keeping your avocado fresh in the fridge to growing your own, avocado hacks have been going viral on social media. And so, Australian Avocados is on a mission to uncover the nation’s very best avocado hacks this National Avocado Day on Saturday, July 31. The reward? You could win a year’s supply of avocados.

The giveaway, which is part of Australian Avocados’ “official unofficial” sponsorship of National Avocado Day, will see a whopping 365 avocados up for grabs. So get ready avo-lovers, because that’s 55 kilos of avocados just begging to be smashed, sliced or diced.

For your chance to win a year’s supply of avocados, all you need to do is share your best avo hack on social media. Just tag your photo with @AustralianAvocados on Instagram or Facebook. Australian Avocados will announce the winner on August 17. In particular, the judges will be on the lookout for originality, creativity and effectiveness.

Share your best avocado hack and win a year’s supply of avocados
How do you get your avocado seed out?

Get your guac on

Comedian and TV personality Nazeem Hussain has become the face of Australian Avocados’ sponsorship drive since the launch of its Our Green Gold campaign earlier this year. Subsequently, he’s urging Aussies to get involved this National Avocado Day.

“Australia – we want you to show us the weird and wonderful ways you eat your avocados,” Hussain says. “Delicious Australian avocados are in season and great value right now. So come on, show us how you avocado. From your best skin peeling hack to a seriously unexpected recipe, we want to see it all. So get your guac on!”

Share your best avocado hack and win a year’s supply of avocados
Feeling a bit flat? Brighten up your winter with an avocado-loaded fajita bowl.

Avocados aplenty

Australian Avocado’s spokesperson Matthew Dwyer says this season’s avocado crop is currently in high abundance and the fruit is of great quality. Australian Hass avocado also makes for great winter comfort food without the guilt. Its creamy texture can be used in both sweet and savoury cooking, from soups and pastas to pancakes and desserts.

“This National Avocado Day, we want Australians to keep doing what they do best,” Dwyer says. “That’s eating delicious, Australian-grown avocados. With local produce being of exceptional value this year, you can now enjoy more of these delicious, nutrient-packed fruits while also supporting our local avocado growers.”

For avocado recipe ideas, tips and tricks, head to australianavocados.com.au